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DSSE has since back in 1950 been working under different names and has always been recognized for the same high standard. Some of the names have been DDS Engineering A/S, Karl Krøyer A/S, DDS-Krøyer A/S, Niro-DDS A/S and Niro A/S.

DDS, Danish Sugar Corporation Ltd., was established in 1872 and has since played a major role in sugar processing.

The sweetener activities were started by the Danish inventor Mr. Karl Krøyer. Just after World War II Karl Krøyer developed the continuous starch converter which revolutionized the glucose industry at that time.

In 1969 Karl Krøyer's sweetener activities were acquired by DDS and DDS-Krøyer was created as a subsidiary to DDS.

From 1998 to 2022 DSSE was a company in the Intrade Group, a Danish industrial group of engineering, manufacturing and trading companies with its main office in Skanderborg, Denmark.

Since 2022 DSSE has been a company in Intrade Holding.