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Vacuum Pan

Vacuum crystallizers are used to crystallise the sugar massecuite.Vacuum Pan

The DSSE developed vacuum crystallizer, also called a Vacuum Pan, is for production of both anhydrous dextrose and sugar (sucrose). The core of the crystallization is however not only the design of the crystallizer itself - but also the DSSE VP7, a PLC controlled processor unit which controls the growth of crystals.

Vacuum Pan Advantages

Controlled crystallization
Bigger and more uniform crystals
Less fines
Reduced colour formation
High yield of crystals

Hydrodynamically designed impeller, standard with 2 speed motor.
Streamlined bottom and low head calandria for optimal circulation
Rapid mixing of seeding material

Technical Data
Feed volume: 25, 35, 50, 60, 75, 84, 90 MT