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Iso-columnsThe DSSE Iso-column is designed as a cylindrical vertical pressure tank taking today's high sanitary demands into consideration.
The normal configuration of the columns is parallel for the optimal production of 42% fructose syrup.
The size and the number of DSSE iso-columns are based on the actual plant capacity, taking the enzyme productivity into consideration. The more columns in parallel, the lower enzyme consumption

Iso-columns options

The DSSE iso-column(s) can be delivered as a complete process unit including system for pH-adjustment, chemical dosing, check filtration, individual temperature and flow control, complete valve system for down-flow and up-flow, system for enzyme filling and emptying.

Iso-columns design criteria

The design is based on the following:

Column feed:
Liquid dextrose
DS:  Approx. 50%
DX:             > 93%
Temp.:           60°C