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Vacuum Crystallizer

Vacuum crystallizers are used to produce anhydrous dextrose.Vacuum Crystallizer

The DSSE developed vacuum crystallizer, also called a Vacuum Pan, is for production of both anhydrous dextrose and sugar (sucrose). The core of the crystallization is however not only the design of the crystallizer itself - but also the DSSE VP7, a PLC controlled processor unit which controls the growth of crystals.

Vacuum Crystallizer advantages

  • Controlled crystallization
  • Bigger and more uniform crystals
  • Less fines
  • Reduced colour formation
  • High yield of crystals

Vacuum Crystallizer characteristics

  • Hydrodynamically designed impeller
  • Streamlined bottom and low head calandria for optimal circulation
  • Rapid mixing of seeding material

Vacuum Crystallizer technical data

  • Feed volume: 25, 35 MT
  • Cycle time: 10 hours