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sugarSugar, saccharose or sucrose is a natural sweetener manufactured from cane or beet. The final sugar from cane or beet mainly has the same characteristics, but the different structure of the 2 crops gives different impurities that require special treatment in processing. These impurities may be color and taste that sometimes are acceptable to give a variation from the standard white sugar.

Sugar beet are robust to cold and hot climatic conditions and are mainly grown in Europe, North America, Chile and China. Whereas cane is grown in warmer areas like The Caribbean, Central America, Asia, Africa and Australia. As beet growing has less demand for water, there is ongoing development of beet varieties suitable for warmer climates.
The processing of raw materials is a highly seasonal industry, with season lengths of approximately 6 to 18 weeks for beets and 20 to 32 weeks for cane. More than 70% of the worlds sugar is production from sugar cane, the rest is produced from sugar beet.

Sugar processing in Denmark was favorable after World War II and resulted in many technological improvements in the Danish Sugar factories. This meant an improvement in quality of the final sugar as well as reduced cost of operations. The growth of international interest in the new designs and the presenceof engineering export led to the creation of what today is DSSE. The Danish Sugar Factories innovations were exported to many countries and the equipment and know-how soon became an integral part of cane sugar processing.

DSSE continues the activities started by export of the Danish Sugar Corporations equipment design. More than 40 years of experience in process development, design, construction, and maintenance of production facilities around the world enables DSSE to provide sugar technology and equipment, for any specific need. 
The integration of new technology and advanced computer controlled process control systems now makes it possible to customise sugar plants and equipment to specific customers needs.

Optimum utilization of raw materials, minimum energy consumption is guaranteed in every DSSE installation. Furthermore, DSSE is focused on environmental impacts, and we are constantly aiming at waste reuse or reduction in the process.

DSSE's technology and know-how make it possible to produce any sugar quality from both beet and cane.